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By Cococucumber

Role: Jr. Level Designer

Designed levels almost 3 hours' worth of levels for the main campaign in four months. Work was taken from concepts and paper design to digital implementation.

Outlining assets, enemies, and boss fights for the levels.

Designed and built many of the forest, desert, cave, and castle-themed maps.


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Far Cry 5 Inspired Map on UE4

For Ubisoft NEXT Challenge

Roles: level designer


Created a level based on Far Cry 5 that accounted for both stealth and run n gun playstyles based on provided specifications and metrics.


Connected the scenario to FC5's story and map. Started with basic maps and then created it in Unreal Engine 4. Iterated on sightlines, path-flows, kill affordances, and progression based on feedback from playtesters arrived, and curveballs/changes were requested from Ubisoft.

Won 3rd place at the Ubisoft NEXT Challenge

Created my own Blueprints to facilitate the intended experience.

Phase 2 MDD & full process coming May 2019

3rd Place




Roll Together

By Mindwax Games

Roles: Lead Level Designer,

            Game Designer,



Workshoped the game mechanics with the team and assigned tasks to create it within the 5 days of the jam.


Created and implemented the level layout in the game with a focus on close call moments to keep players on their toes. 


Up to a 100 players can use their phones as controllers to play the game.


A version remastered with upgraded visuals, new environmental features, and additional levels was re-branded as Critter Ball.

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By Mindwax Games

Roles: Producer,

            Lead level designer


Coordinated a multidisciplinary team of 7 people to create a game that meets the design goals for a target demographic over an 8 month development period. 

Succeeded on creating a level that would teach the game's unique mechanics hitting the targeted emotional impact for the game.

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Boxy Platfromer Level

Role: Level Designer

Platformer level that uses Nintendo's "teach-test-twist-challenge" teaching method. Created using Complete Physics Platformer Kit for Unity.

Game Design




Balloon Buoyancy 

Roles: Game Mechanics,




Co-op platformer where players have to ride a balloon-powered seesaw through space. Obstacles and debris get in the way, but they players go as high as they can.

Game designed with a quick game loops to get people addicted. Kids kept coming back to play the game instead of trying other ones at the Toronto Comics Art Festival 2016.

Showcased at


Game Jams

Growing Up Ready



Roles: CPS Facilitator, 

            3D Animator


An Interactive toy created during a 5 day Game Jam at Sheridan College. Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Came in as the 'client'. 

They wanted something that could entertain kids in the waiting rooms without being addictive. The game hat to take into consideration the different handicaps kids would have. 

The toy was made to work with their custom pressure grid input (each pressure plate was 1 by 1 feet, but the whole grid was 10 by 10 feet). The game has kids populating the seafloor with ruins, plants, corals etc… Depending on where the kid is standing, the respective pipes would gush out an artifact and place it on the seabed. 





Gatherer Crab

AI Test

Roles: Game Mechanics,



In this prototype, I made to make a talkative companion NPC(Crabby) that nags what it is thinking. Rabbit is meant to set up the level so Crabby could have an objective for the player to assist with.

Scripting-wise, I wanted to see if I could make modular states in Behavior Machine that can be duplicated over and over to add abilities wherever needed.


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