Who I am

I'm a level designer who loves urban planning and psychology. I worked on the GDC Best in Play winner Riverbond and placed 3rd Place at the Ubisoft NEXT competition for level design.

What I want

Create memorable experiences. 😇

Where I come from

I graduated Bachelor of Game Design at Sheridan College. Moved to Canada in 2013. Love the seasons!

What I really want

To control players using spatial design without them realizing. 😈

I worked as a junior level designer on Riverbond by Cococucumber. It came out in June 2019 on PS4 and Xbox. We won Best in Play at GDC17.

Also worked as producer and lead level designer at Mindwax Games, my capstone team. We showcased at EGLX 2018.

All while taking care of this mooch...

His name is Falafel.

I like to meet new people and learn new things.

And then talk about it

Sometimes I end up somewhere cool


Other times I sneak in and volunteer at

cool events run by cool people

Hand Eye Society's Fancy Video Game party?
Coat check team forever <3.

Currently I am working on publishing a book to help students get up to speed with game design concepts. You can find a copy at the top of the page!

In May 2019, I won 3rd place at Ubisoft's NEXT competition in the level design category. I placed in the top 5 again in 2020.

Did I mention that I love to read about

urban planning, psychology, and politics?

And finally...

Thank you for your time!

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